Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Water Fun!!!!


Is it ready? ? ? ? She's ready and waiting with her swimmies on!

Big sister tells the wee one what to do with pure excitement!
They could hardly stand still for this picture! They were so excited! We had to pull out two hoses to move the agonizing wait along!

Seeing all 4 of my children happy, laughing and playing together..........PRICELESS!!!!!!

So Doreen, Jake and the boys.......whatcha doin' tomorrow????

All I can say is FUN!!!!!!


DSC_6044 copy

Bear Bear snuck in not once but twice! She so wanted to join in on the fun! We knew better with the puppy, he was safely in his crate!!!
DSC_6047 copy
Such a sneak!

We have been wanting to buy one of these slides for our kids for YEARS! However, our previous home was built on a mountain (which is the reason we're still stuck with it!) so there wasn't enough flat space for one. So as a perk for moving from their friends, schools and everything they knew as home, we promised we would get one of these slides. Every spring Sam's Club always had one and it was perfect. Now we shop at a Costco here in our new town. The slide they had was $800! Um, for material that can pop? And you would need a fire hydrant to fill it! It was crazy big. So that started a search all over the web and there were so many decisions and bad reviews, we just didn't know what to do! So I kinda put it off and then forgot about it. Then one day last week I got an e-mail from Amazon and all the slides were WAY on sale with free shipping, so I made the best decision I could and here it is. And it's awesome!!!! The joy, laughter and fun I witnessed today was priceless. I am one happy mom to see my children so happy.


  1. How fun! Love the pictures. Looks like they had a blast. My kids would LOVE it too.

  2. I love that slide! My brother has one but not as big as this one but the kids all loved it anyway!