Monday, July 13, 2009

Shaving Cream!!!

Today we played with shaving cream!!! So so much fun! I let the kids fill up a water table with 2 bottles of shaving cream. They all took turns with the bottles and it was messy fun! They had so much fun squirting it out and then running their hands through it.
They watched the lines they made and used different objects to see the trail they would leave behind.
DSC_4013 (2) copy
They smeared it all over their bodies and this wee one loved to clap her hands and watch the shaving cream fly around. She was covered. They were all covered!!!
DSC_4000 copy
So so much fun for $1.50 a bottle!
DSC_3922 copy
I haven't done this with them in quite some time and they played with it differently this time. So next time I would make sure i have a source of water and a towel for wiping eyes. In addition, I would tell them it's not to eat. My oldest daughter did a little taste test and was completely disgusted! eek!

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