Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Bead Madness!


This is not what I had planned for today, however when they saw the tub of beads, the plan was changed. We started out with 6,000 beads in the tub, we used a couple hundred and there are 3,000 beads on my kitchen floor! That would have been a picture! It's almost midnight so I can't go shoot it now, oh well. OOPS, I just gave myself away........YES, the beads are still on my floor! Most people would have cleaned them up before ending the project but we left for the lake instead and stayed there until waaaay past our bedtime! I will have to deal with the mess tomorrow.

We all enjoyed this activity and the finished product. They are so pretty! Tomorrow I will add some magnets to the back of them and find a spot for them, or mail them out to the grandparents. We spent a lot of quality time together around the table, after about an hour we took a lunch break and then the kids went right back to the table.

The bucket of madness was 50% off, so for $5.00 we had almost two hours of time together at the table and when I sweep the floor, we'll have another afternoon or two of fun!! ;)

DSC_4364 copy


  1. LOVE this last photo.
    I have to admit that the beads would drive me crazy, I just can't do it, that is why I declare that you are a fabulous mother because you left them and took the kids to do something else. :)

  2. LMAO!
    no, it's called "i don't want to deal with it now syndrome"!!!!
    the beads were all over the breakfast room so it was easy to ignore because the kids sit at the counter stools. i had to deal with it this morning, it wasn't too bad but i think i'll be picking them up for days!!!