Friday, July 24, 2009

Catching Butterflies!!!


We grew our own butterflies this spring and my son loved each stage of it. He was so excited to let them go freely and we watched them soar through our trees. Our backyard is full of butterflies and every time my son see's a painted lady butterfly he screams, "There's my butterfly!" Bless his heart, I won't tell him they're long gone by now!

Today was a beautiful sunny summer day and I thought it would be fun to run through the wet grass and try to catch some butterflies. I am sad to say that one butterfly was killed in the process....when the youngest flattened the butterfly garden. OPPS. Remember, we gave 6 butterflies life! Oh well, it was a wonderful learning experience for the kids and they had so much fun trying to run after the butterflies and catch them. They took turns with the net without fighting and each child was able to try to catch a butterfly.

I was going to have the kids make butterflies out of coffee filters but the kids were around the dining room table once again building more legos! All day today, if they were inside they were building! I took a few shots and I still need to upload some to yesterday's post but it's nearly midnight, so I will have to catch up over the weekend! ;)


First we caught a Painted Lady.



Walking with such was later that she flattened the butterfly garden!

The hunt!

In action.....


Another sighting!!!! RUN!



Bad shot of the butterflies here. We caught a beautiful Painted Lady and a pretty white with purple spot Moth. We tried for a Monarch but they were flying too high today. Although tonight when the kids were on the waterslide one landed on one of my butterfly bushes. I tried to get it without luck by the time I set down my margarita and camera! LOL 8 kids, one huge waterslide and all the mommies kicking back because it's Friday!!!!


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  1. Beautiful Karen! I would love to grow my own butterflies and I think this is a fantastic project to have with the kids.