Monday, August 3, 2009

Pressing Clover


Today my plan was completely thrown out the window when I spent the afternoon at the Costco Tire Center. So I wasn't able to pick up the items I needed for what I had planned. So I had to think on my feet. I noticed some clover growing in the garden. So I decided we would learn about clover hearts and try our luck at finding a four leaf clover. We didn't find any four leaf clovers but they kids were thrilled by the heart shape leaves, especially the pink ones!

The girls spent so much time searching for the perfect clover. My son took one peek and said he would never find a four leaf clover and he went inside after picking a few 3 leaf clovers! (by this time it was 4:30, my kids were toast!)


Still searching..........


Our pink clover!
DSC_2369 copy

We put the clover on wax paper and placed them in a very big, heavy book. Then I added two more heavy books on top of that. When the clover is ready I will have the kids make a picture with them and I will place them in a frame for the kids.
DSC_2444 copy

I had wild flowers on my summer to-do list; I wanted to take the kids to a field of wild flowers for some beautiful pictures and press some flowers but I didn't have the energy to do that tonight after a challenging day. I was quite happy to not be in public with them! LOL They were so out of control today! It just wasn't a good day. They made me grumpy and longing for a glass of wine! So clover sounded like a good idea! ;)

Before our day took a turn, we had a full morning of fun. It was when we were leaving the library that I noticed a flat tire. I had two options, one: go straight to get it fixed. two: try to follow through with my plans and pray I make it home. If I didn't, I did not have my cell phone and my husband is traveling and I know nothing about changing a tire! I don't even know how to get to the spare tire! LOL So I did what I had to do, even though it meant 2 1/2 hours at Costco.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Bean Bags and Eggs

DSC_7013 copy

Today we had bean bag races followed by egg races. SO fun!!! This morning I stitched up these bean bags from old receiving blankets and filled them with rice. It takes about 5 minutes per bag. Very easy! I just cut a random size, stitched the wrong sides together, left a hole, turned them inside out and filled them with rice. I then ran a stitch across the opening. If you don't put too much rice inside you can do that last stitch with the machine.


First they raced with the bean bags on their heads. I was going to have them play relay style but I didn't think my girls would understand. So everybody went at the same time. When my girls get older, we'll do two teams (my son was too busy putting together a train set that he hasn't seen since our move and my youngest was off throwing a temper tantrum!)


My girls were totally into this and gave the boys some good competition!


I switched things up after several races. They each took a turn calling out the body part to hold the bean bag. We did one shoulder, the knees~hopping, the elbows out in front, the nose, and under the shirt!

Look at the air under my little one! Can you tell that she was loving this?

DSC_6932 copy

When we were done with the bean bags I got a package of eggs. The kids did their first ever egg race and LOVED it!

DSC_6934 copy

A three way tie, perfection! The were all so pleased to share the title!

DSC_6963 copy

All 5 kids in action and one hungry dog swooping in on the broken eggs!

DSC_6997 copy

I ended the fun when the kids were dripping with sweat. They've already asked to do this again so I'm sure we will go back out after they have a little rest. But we'll limit our yard to 18 eggs today!

All 18 eggs were cleaned up by Bear Bear. Gross, there's nothing that dog won't eat! I should have taken a picture but I didn't, I was too busy making the kids popcorn and getting a movie on!

Now, I am going to kick my feet up while they're all quite.....who am I kidding, somebody is going to need me in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1................

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Homemade Play Dough

DSC_6626 copy

This recipe is all over the web (just google play dough) and while we have tons of play dough, it was exciting and new because we made it together! Personally, I hate it. It's a texture thing for me. The dry flour on my hands is like nails on a chalk board! LOL But my kids loved it so of course I would do it again and again if they asked me! I used the new neon colors that I found at the market. Love them! ;)

DSC_6787 copy

A birthday cake!!!!

DSC_6800 copy

Such concentration while they baked and created different things!

DSC_6734 ccopy

DSC_6703 copy

My oldest daughter decided it was her younger sister's birthday! So she made this cake for her, candle and all and sang Happy Birthday to her!! It made my middle daughter feel so special that her big sister would choose her! She really looks up to her and I love to see them play so doesn't happen that often these days :(

DSC_6712 copy

She made a wish and blew out the candle! Hurry before it falls off the cake!

DSC_6749 copy

"MOM! Don't take my picture!" LOL

DSC_6752 copy

He knows me too well!

He's a big guy but play dough is one of those ageless things! The neighbors came over and even the 12 year old was hands on!

DSC_6675 copy

Pony stamps!

DSC_6667 copy

We sat outside and played for over an hour. We laughed about some of the things we made and there were some tears and stomping off which just means that they are really into it and taking it so seriously! The stomper did return renewed and the play dough fun continued.

I made my version of an Orangina drink. It's so hot out so I need to make sure the kids are drinking a lot of fluids, so something new is always a hit. I filled these large sport bottles with Orange/Tangerine Juice (tropicana) and then I added a little Sprite for the fizzies. They loved it and drank all of it and asked for more. Cheers!

DSC_6631 copy

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

{coffee filter} butterflies!


I meant to have this activity follow after the day we caught butterflies. But since that was on a Friday, I suppose it doesn't matter. This week has been tough.


This was such a simple and fun craft. The kids colored my coffee filters with markers (which btw are now on sale as past of the back to school supplies! stock up on glue, crayons, markers, colored pencils, etc). All 4 of the kids wanted to keep going, I cut them off at 5 filters! So we now have 20 beautiful butterflies around our house!





After they colored the filters with the markers, they sprayed them with water which causes the markers to bleed, like tie dye! Let them dry and then gather them in the middle with a chenile stem and shape the antennas. Pinch them with a clothespin and draw a little face on the top of the clothespin.




As soon as I fully assembled each butterfly, one at a time, the kids would take them and run through the yard flying their beautiful butterflies! My middle daughter even ran with them in the butterfly net! When the rain chased us in, the kids played with them inside. When the kids were done playing with them I pinched them onto the blind pulls, and lamps around the house. They are all so proud to see their beautiful butterflies throughout the house.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

You've Been Slimed!


Remember that show? (maybe it's still on?) I found this recipe for slime. I knew my son would have the best time with it, the girls.......I wasn't too sure about.


This one braved it and then quickly wiped it off, on my pot holders.


This sweet thing dipped her finger in and immediately wiped it off! And you can see the look on her face! She loved it, but she didn't want to touch it. So she played with it with a spoon.


My son, LOVED it!!! and if you scroll down, it didn't take him very long before he smeared it on his arms. HE is the reason we did this project outside!!!!




Total boy reaction.


My girls; nice and clean and having fun!



Here is the recipe:

6t Metamucil

3C water

Put the ingredients in a jar with a lid and have the kids shake it like crazy for a minute. Then pour the concoction into a pot and bring to a boil for one minute. Turn the heat down and stir for 3 minutes. Remove from pot and allow to cool.

The slime takes awhile to cool, so I split it up. I used 2 bowls and the rest went on a tin pan that I had saved from a bakery item. The girls had fun moving the slime around the large pan with spoons and for my son, he had his hands completely in the slime so the bowl was perfect for him. I did this on a cheapo tablecloth left over from the 4th of July. When we were done, I removed the bowls and gathered up the tablecloth with everythign else on it and threw it all out. I hosed off my son and we were all cleaned up in seconds!

My son wanted to keep the slim but it's just too easy to make so I promised him I would make it again. This is the first time that my middle daughter didn't ask me, "Can we do this again?" So while I want to say she enjoyed it, I don't think it was that big of a hit with the girls. This might be more of a boy activity. My son lives for getting dirty, while my girls are more girly girls. We had some good laughs and it was cheap fun. Now, what am I going to do with this huge bottle of Metamucil?! LOL (btw, i was so embarrassed when i bought it! )

Friday, July 24, 2009

Catching Butterflies!!!


We grew our own butterflies this spring and my son loved each stage of it. He was so excited to let them go freely and we watched them soar through our trees. Our backyard is full of butterflies and every time my son see's a painted lady butterfly he screams, "There's my butterfly!" Bless his heart, I won't tell him they're long gone by now!

Today was a beautiful sunny summer day and I thought it would be fun to run through the wet grass and try to catch some butterflies. I am sad to say that one butterfly was killed in the process....when the youngest flattened the butterfly garden. OPPS. Remember, we gave 6 butterflies life! Oh well, it was a wonderful learning experience for the kids and they had so much fun trying to run after the butterflies and catch them. They took turns with the net without fighting and each child was able to try to catch a butterfly.

I was going to have the kids make butterflies out of coffee filters but the kids were around the dining room table once again building more legos! All day today, if they were inside they were building! I took a few shots and I still need to upload some to yesterday's post but it's nearly midnight, so I will have to catch up over the weekend! ;)


First we caught a Painted Lady.



Walking with such was later that she flattened the butterfly garden!

The hunt!

In action.....


Another sighting!!!! RUN!



Bad shot of the butterflies here. We caught a beautiful Painted Lady and a pretty white with purple spot Moth. We tried for a Monarch but they were flying too high today. Although tonight when the kids were on the waterslide one landed on one of my butterfly bushes. I tried to get it without luck by the time I set down my margarita and camera! LOL 8 kids, one huge waterslide and all the mommies kicking back because it's Friday!!!!