Thursday, July 30, 2009

Homemade Play Dough

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This recipe is all over the web (just google play dough) and while we have tons of play dough, it was exciting and new because we made it together! Personally, I hate it. It's a texture thing for me. The dry flour on my hands is like nails on a chalk board! LOL But my kids loved it so of course I would do it again and again if they asked me! I used the new neon colors that I found at the market. Love them! ;)

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A birthday cake!!!!

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Such concentration while they baked and created different things!

DSC_6734 ccopy

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My oldest daughter decided it was her younger sister's birthday! So she made this cake for her, candle and all and sang Happy Birthday to her!! It made my middle daughter feel so special that her big sister would choose her! She really looks up to her and I love to see them play so doesn't happen that often these days :(

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She made a wish and blew out the candle! Hurry before it falls off the cake!

DSC_6749 copy

"MOM! Don't take my picture!" LOL

DSC_6752 copy

He knows me too well!

He's a big guy but play dough is one of those ageless things! The neighbors came over and even the 12 year old was hands on!

DSC_6675 copy

Pony stamps!

DSC_6667 copy

We sat outside and played for over an hour. We laughed about some of the things we made and there were some tears and stomping off which just means that they are really into it and taking it so seriously! The stomper did return renewed and the play dough fun continued.

I made my version of an Orangina drink. It's so hot out so I need to make sure the kids are drinking a lot of fluids, so something new is always a hit. I filled these large sport bottles with Orange/Tangerine Juice (tropicana) and then I added a little Sprite for the fizzies. They loved it and drank all of it and asked for more. Cheers!

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