Sunday, July 12, 2009

Friday's missing post

I was in crazy hostess mode. Bunco at my house. Hubby was out of town all week. It was crazy. There was alcohol to buy, bathrooms to clean and reclean, floors to sweep and steam, many trips to the market~with kids in tow, dogs to deal with, 3 trips to buy ice~ clearly I am a horrible judge at that! Oh, and moving boxes to uncover and unpack. Fortunately my sweet husband flew in around 1:30 and saved the day. He took the kids to the lake so that I could finish my tasks without playing mommy too. I was so thankful for his help! Bunco was a blast and I won $20! I just wish the night didn't go by so quickly. Fun people, great conversations, laughing, and a warm summer breeze blowing through my windows, a perfect night.

We traveled over the weekend to pick up my oldest daughter. Words can not describe how I feel to have her back home! So we will be ready for some fun tomorrow!

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