Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Busy Little Hands (part 2)


We finished our artwork this morning. It took longer than I expected. My oldest two took great care with their artwork and the youngest could have painted her 3 pieces for hours! Her "artwork" is on the right. You'll have to look closely under all the paint! There is a ladybug, duck and a piece I can no longer identify.

This is what is left of our "cookies".......I forgot to tell the dogs these aren't cookies! I wasn't thinking and left these to dry out on the kitchen table. I came back to find smashed crumbs everywhere. The dogs obviously didn't like them, but as dumb dogs will do, they kept trying to find one that tasted good. Unfortunately they ate all of one child's artwork. I offered to make more dough or homemade icecream sandwiches and suddenly all was good again.

Look closely, there is a duck under all that paint! LOL The duck was yellow to begin with and then she moved on to red. There is now, no trace of yellow under all the red! This wee one had the time of her life painting, and repainting, and repainting! I think it will take a good week for her art to dry!
This little piggie loved to paint her creatures with lots of color and such care! She loved it!
Pure joy for this one!
This is my serious painter! He painted with such attention to detail. The mice were his favorite! He told me that he doesn't want them to have a magnet, he'd like to play with them. This will probably be one of those childhood things that he adores and remembers more than his big expensive toys!

SO thankful for adorable $5 dresses from the bullseye store!!!! Although this is washable paint, washable doesn't always mean it is going to come out! What a mess she made, and loved every minute of it!!!


  1. Love these Karen! We made these one year for Christmas-made ornaments out of them and gave them to the grandparents as presents. Both the kids and the grandparents loved it!

  2. This is beautiful work!! I copied the recipe so I can make them with my nieces and nephews it would make a fun project for them :)

  3. By the way this is Adriana :) Sorry didn't realize my name wasn't going to show up :)

  4. Thanks Girls!
    It was a lot of fun and they are really cute. We'll make them again but I'll be watching those stinkin' dogs!!!
    Glad to see you here Adriana!!!

  5. The look on their faces is wonderful... especially your son. He is so very serious. LOL at your dogs, that sounds like what mine would do.