Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Girly Girl Flip Flops!


Big brother had some buddies to play with and I have been waiting to do this with the girls!!! First we started with flip flops which then led to making matching hair bows, which then led to painting our nails and putting on make-up! Total girly girl day!!!! (love, love, love it!)

DSC_4134 copy

First, we cut strips of pink fabric with pinking shears and then tied them to the flops. Too hard for the wee ones but perfect for our favorite neighbor and my oldest girl. The wee ones sat with us while we cut and tied. It was a beautiful summer afternoon to be on a blanket making memories.

DSC_4296 copy
Then, our sweet friend painted nails to perfection! A pattern of purple and orange! Who would have thought! Big girls are way cooler than mommy! LOL
(You can see the matching bows in this picture)
DSC_4317 copy
So so proud of her pretty nails, new hair bow (at the bottom of her braid which sweet K did!) and girly shoes!!! What a day! We ended it with a movie night in our jammies while the group of boys did boy things in the driveway. Tomorrow I owe the boys!

~I bought the flip flops at my local craft store for just over a $1 and I bought 2 yards of fabric, which was too much! We made 4 pair of flip flops and 4 hairbows (although one daughter wanted only 2 strips of fabric!) and we had at least 3/4 of a yard left. The pinking shears are part of my craft supplies but they can also be found at any craft store.

updated with pictures......
DSC_4461 copy

summer days

summer days

DSC_4519 copy


  1. I love how the flip-flops turned out!
    How long did you cut the strips? I just bought a 2-pack of flip-flops and gave Melissa the extra pair, since it fits her, and I actually tried to talk her into doing something like that with them. I was thinking ribbon, but I like the look of the fabric.

  2. I think the strips were about 6-8 inches long. Once the flip flops were done we had to give them a trim. So my advice to you is to cut a strip and see howit looks, if you like it, take it off and use it to measure your strips.
    I like the look of ribbon too!!
    Have fun!