Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Busy Little Hands (part 1)

Busy Little Hands
Today we started a two day project. We made salt dough and shaped our favorite creatures. We baked them and tomorrow we will paint them and attach a little magnet on the back. The kids were so focus and serious while rolling out the dough and shaping it into different things.

DSC_2478 copy

My son made mice, a snake, a butterfly, and his initial.DSC_2385 copy

My daughter made a pig, a duck, a snowman, a bunny and her first initial. When the "cookies" came out of the oven she screamed for everyone to come, the cookies were ready to eat. OPPS, I forgot to tell the kids these are not edible! I should have explained better so that the little ones understood that they were not cookies!


My youngest made a bunch of clumps. Bless her heart, she sure does have an imagination! She handed me a baby, a ladybug, a ducky and a "pider". While she was busy with the next clump I shaped her blobs into whatever she told me it was.

Tomorrow we will paint them and attach the magnets on the back. I'm not sure where we'll put them as all of our appliances are stainless steal, but we'll find a spot for them!

This was a really fun, hands on project that kept the kids busy until we used all of the dough. I will pull this recipe out at Christmas time and have the kids make some ornaments for our tree.

Here is the recipe:

3C flour

1C water

1C salt

2t oil

mix all the ingredients by hand in a large bowl. when the dough forms a large ball, roll it out and start shaping! Once you have a tray of artwork, bake for 20 minutes at 350 degrees. Larger pieces will need more time. I am letting our batch cool and harden overnight before painting with poster paint. More on that tomorrow.....

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  1. how fun and EASY!!! I have paint also, we are doing this next week!