Wednesday, July 29, 2009

{coffee filter} butterflies!


I meant to have this activity follow after the day we caught butterflies. But since that was on a Friday, I suppose it doesn't matter. This week has been tough.


This was such a simple and fun craft. The kids colored my coffee filters with markers (which btw are now on sale as past of the back to school supplies! stock up on glue, crayons, markers, colored pencils, etc). All 4 of the kids wanted to keep going, I cut them off at 5 filters! So we now have 20 beautiful butterflies around our house!





After they colored the filters with the markers, they sprayed them with water which causes the markers to bleed, like tie dye! Let them dry and then gather them in the middle with a chenile stem and shape the antennas. Pinch them with a clothespin and draw a little face on the top of the clothespin.




As soon as I fully assembled each butterfly, one at a time, the kids would take them and run through the yard flying their beautiful butterflies! My middle daughter even ran with them in the butterfly net! When the rain chased us in, the kids played with them inside. When the kids were done playing with them I pinched them onto the blind pulls, and lamps around the house. They are all so proud to see their beautiful butterflies throughout the house.

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