Friday, July 31, 2009

Bean Bags and Eggs

DSC_7013 copy

Today we had bean bag races followed by egg races. SO fun!!! This morning I stitched up these bean bags from old receiving blankets and filled them with rice. It takes about 5 minutes per bag. Very easy! I just cut a random size, stitched the wrong sides together, left a hole, turned them inside out and filled them with rice. I then ran a stitch across the opening. If you don't put too much rice inside you can do that last stitch with the machine.


First they raced with the bean bags on their heads. I was going to have them play relay style but I didn't think my girls would understand. So everybody went at the same time. When my girls get older, we'll do two teams (my son was too busy putting together a train set that he hasn't seen since our move and my youngest was off throwing a temper tantrum!)


My girls were totally into this and gave the boys some good competition!


I switched things up after several races. They each took a turn calling out the body part to hold the bean bag. We did one shoulder, the knees~hopping, the elbows out in front, the nose, and under the shirt!

Look at the air under my little one! Can you tell that she was loving this?

DSC_6932 copy

When we were done with the bean bags I got a package of eggs. The kids did their first ever egg race and LOVED it!

DSC_6934 copy

A three way tie, perfection! The were all so pleased to share the title!

DSC_6963 copy

All 5 kids in action and one hungry dog swooping in on the broken eggs!

DSC_6997 copy

I ended the fun when the kids were dripping with sweat. They've already asked to do this again so I'm sure we will go back out after they have a little rest. But we'll limit our yard to 18 eggs today!

All 18 eggs were cleaned up by Bear Bear. Gross, there's nothing that dog won't eat! I should have taken a picture but I didn't, I was too busy making the kids popcorn and getting a movie on!

Now, I am going to kick my feet up while they're all quite.....who am I kidding, somebody is going to need me in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1................


  1. This sounds like fun! I'll have to keep coming back to your blogs just to find things to do with my nieces and nephews!


  2. I am amazed at your creativity and energy Karen!!! You are the best MOm!