Friday, July 17, 2009

Field Trips


Three to be exact. First we went to a school playground and I took some pictures with my blackberry, I'd upload them but I realized as I was snapping them that I don't know how! So we ran home to pick some things up (camera/snacks/etc) and our neighbor stopped by and she decided to come along with us to our next two places. We went to a local farm to visit with the animals. We saw it all, including peacocks with the most beautiful feathers.


They fed the goats, quacked with the ducks, laughed at the cows exposed rear end, waited for the peacocks to spread their wings, climbed some jungle gyms and played Veterinarian at the little Vet Shop. I couldn't pick one thing or one animal that was a favorite, they enjoy it all, however,

this sweet little one loves her lambie and I know for her the highlight was introducing her lambie to the sheep!!! so so precious!!!

DSC_4803 copy

Next we went to the lake. We spent the afternoon/early evenning swimming, digging, building and boating. It was a perfect day to be on the lake!

(couldn't decide between color and black and white!) grrrr, the right side always gets cut off here!



We had a very full day and my sweet things are all sound asleep!!! Which is a good thing because I've got another full day planned for tomorrow!!!!

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Oh my, the photos of the girls in the boat, PRICELESS....
    Seriously, how do you do it? I'm exhausted just reading all of that, but like I said, girl you will have no regrets. What precious and lucky children you have.

    xoxo my sweet friend.

  2. Karen--- they are such dolls. Seriously and I love the photos. I'm glad you getting to enjoy some summer weather. Thanks for stopping by the blog and for your thoughts and prayers. xo