Friday, July 3, 2009

Today's Activity.......

Sun, Sand, Splashing and Fun!!!!
My husband was off today, which was a surprise to us, so we decided to take the kids to the beach. When we arrived the sky was black, a mini storm came and cleared, then the sky was grey followed by beautiful blue!!!! But then thunder sent us packing several hours later. So we saw it all today! But we still had plenty of fun in the sand!
the girls with mermaid barbies, shh don't tell big sister!!!
Surprise waves that knock you down are the best!
jumping the waves is one of our favorite things!
Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Again Daddy!!!!!

DSC_1861All 5 of us built sand castles, complete with roads, train tracks and Cinderella! Then the tide came up and washed away our village.

We had such a fun family day, it's was hard for me to not have my oldest daughter with us. She loves the beach so much that I couldn't stop thinking about her and how much fun she would have had. But I know she is off creating her own memories that will last forever. I am anxious to show her the perfect sand dollar that I found just for her.

I love days like today! There were too many highs to list! Mostly, I just love sharing the simplest of things with my children, they provide the greatest childhood joys. I hope they will remember today. It was a perfect day, just perfect.


  1. Is this where you asked me if I wanted to go one day? I think I know that jetty and have similar pics, lol! Looks perfect!

  2. We went to the beach today too. So fun!

  3. I'm so darn jealous of your beach. *sigh* oh well... we have a small mini lake beach, I'll make it work. :D