Thursday, July 9, 2009

Homemade Bubbles!


Here is the recipe for homemade bubbles! It's fun to make your own and they smell SO good! I made 3x the recipe and it lasted until the mosquitos ate all of our flesh. Seriously. I made the bubbles in something from our recycle bin, a couscous container. It was perfect and so was the lid. I tried to make wands from pipe cleaners and they didn't work very well so we used blowers from our collection. The crazy straw blowers are from the Dollar Store and they were quite popular with my crew! (2 in a package!) I think I'll pick up some more the next time I'm there. I love that place!


I used a yellow dish soap so I added green food coloring to make our bubbles blue. We have a lot of pink in our house so it's nice to have some blue when we can! ;)

I called my local market and had the pharmacy order a bottle of glycerin. The next day it came in and my husband picked itup for me. Very easy, just call your local market and if the pharmacy doesn't have it in stock they can have it in a day or two. I was at the store at 9:00PM and by noon the next day I got a call that it was in. Very easy, very cheap.

This activity speaks for itself and since I am not a good writer, I'll let the pictures speak for themself............


bubble time!




more bubbles



Today we made bubbles!


  1. You are such a fun mom! I'm so trying this recipe, thank you!!

  2. You're welcome!!! Let me know what you think of it!