Thursday, July 2, 2009

Pirates, Treasure Maps, Compasses and Stolen Dogs


I spy 3 little pirates! oh wait, there's another! We made treasure maps of our backyard and put an X on the map and the kids would swap maps and try to find the treasure! They took such care making their maps and finding the magic spot! The younger two were really tricky so we had to cheat a little bit and watch where they hid the treasure! shh, don't tell! LOL


Don't laugh at my homemade eye patches, I was thinking on my feet! I took apart the egg carton (and I fully expect to pay for it the next time I pull out the carton and forget that it's a little lopsided!) The kids loved them! I simply colored them with a black crayon and pulled yarn through them.

Doesn't she look mean? Don't cross this pirate!

DSC_1350 copy
We pretended that this was the enemy's pirate dog and we captured her and made her eat cake! Now we can't get her to leave!

Call in your location mate!

DSC_1378 copy
This little pirate was a little sleepy, until she spotted a pirate cake!

DSC_1449 copy

Of course the stolen dog was forced to eat cake. I don't think she liked it.
(I totally stole this cake idea from my friend Denise. It was a hit Denise!)

My inspiration for today's activity came from these adorable pirate plates that I found at the dollar store.

I want to give a HUGE shout out to Kori for helping me with my photos. You went above and beyond helping me and I really appreciate it. My photos now go back to flickr the way I wanted them to. THANK YOU!!!!!!!


  1. Hey Karen, Just catching up here...LOVE all the fun summer activities and the accompanying photos are breathtaking! You are SUCH a GREAT Mom!

    I can help with any blog things you need...just call:)

  2. P.S. I could make these margins wider too if you wanted larger photos here:)

  3. Did you make that cake? You are wonder woman, I swear... come and play with us for about two weeks Karen... PLEASE! :)