Monday, July 6, 2009

Let's Set Sail!

Ahoy mates!!!!

Ahoy Mates!!! Greetings from our new boat! (the packing paper is suppose to be waves!)

We started with moving materials. A large wardrobe box, duct tape, a cardboard tube from fabric (you could also use wrapping paper roll), some left over muslin fabric, washable poster paint, packing paper and a little yarn.
I assembled the box the best I could with the duct tape. I left the top and bottom open so the kids could crawl in and out. I cut a large opening on the side (which is now the top of the boat). I attached the fabric to the cardboard roll with a staple gun and secured it into place with the yarn.
The kids worked together as a team, painting. They LOVE to paint!
When it was painted, the kids jumped inside and we set sail!

Notice all the paint! Make sure you use washable paint!!! LOL
It took an hour and a half to make the boat and then it was lunch time so we are going back out now to take sail. I'll probably post more pictures tonight.


  1. Karen,

    This is amazing!!! you really are making the rest of us Moms look awful. I was proud of myself for taking Kate to the pool for 3 hours this morning...silly me!

  2. oh, you stop it!!!
    you are such a good mommy and i SO miss you and kate!!! :(

  3. Love your blog!! I'll have come back to it in our own summer. It's too cold outside for this right now. I love the photo of your daughter peeking out from under the sail.