Thursday, July 16, 2009

Homemade Crayons!!! (sort of)


I got this great idea from my friend Kristin in Maine. She did this with her kids last winter and I filed the idea away in my mind, just waiting for a rainy day. Well, it didn't rain today but it was suppose to. So I pulled out the crayon bucket and we all sorted out the broken crayons and peeled away. (hint #1, new crayons peel easier than old crayons)

We filled what I thought was a silicone tray. (hint #2, not all silicone can go in the oven.....oh yes, cleaning the oven is on my to do list.....sorry honey)


The kids were on a mission peeling those crayons and they LOVED breaking them! No surprise!


The finished product was so much fun and so unique! The kids were taken back by them!

"Oh my gosh, it works!"

(hint #3, if you discover that your "pan" isn't oven safe, it takes too much time to melt in the microwave. Sorry again honey, i killed the microwave. but we have 4 beautiful new crayons!)


  1. Karen, this is such a fabulous idea and what beautiful crayons and photos...
    I love the look of surprise on their face.
    You are officially my go to gal for the summer time bored'ness.

  2. I love this idea! I want to try all of your ideas in fact!
    Have you tried melted crayon pictures? We tried it a while ago with greaseproof paper folded in half, then you iron it to make pretty butterflys!

  3. yes bonita! i made those as a child! love that! we use "wax paper" here in the states...

  4. oh karen - thaks for commenting today - i didn't know you had a blog! yeah for a new blog friend!

    love the crayon idea. i should stop tossing all the broken ones :)

    and LOVE the princess (or minnie) dress to color. so adorably stylish!!

  5. HaHa, love all the hints that you added. Looks like another success.

  6. Love this idea! May have to try this, as I noticed a lot of broken crayons in the box today.

  7. I so love your ideas!! These are all so much fun to do! Since I don't have kids yet I know I can do these with my nieces and nephews when I watch them and they will enjoy doing this for fun :)